Not A Poem

Image Copyright: Niyati Bhat

The girl was raped?
Blame her.
The man was lynched to death?
Blame him.
Attack whoever is left of their families.
Don’t let either of them live or die in peace.
Do not forget that you are a Hindu or a Muslim.
For a second, if you assume that you are a human being first, ignore that thought.
Who were they?
Emily Doe, Nirbhaya, Akhlaq, Dhars
Stanford, Munirka, Dadri, Wandhama.. who cares?
As long as our political and religious motives are satisfied,
we must create victims,
ostracise them until the rest fall in line,
until we fear our own neighbours,
until we stop walking in the streets,
lock ourselves in
and let the rulers rule us with fear disguised as religion and ‘men will be men’.
They all walk in the dead of the night carrying placards for politicians.
Their religion is hate, money and power.
Do not mistake them for allies when they hold placards for your cause.
For they are looking for a shoulder to fire the gun from.
Day one: your shoulder will be the support.
Day two: it will be the target.


Read the Stanford Rape Survivor’s powerful testimony here


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